A lesson in giants

Catching up

The first few levels

Rather than try and tell a story that has been long past, we'll summarize in hopes of keeping a more current journal. 

The group traveled to Nightstone on a mission, but soon discovered that the town had been attacked by Giants, and was left to be ransacked by Goblins. Once they cleared the town of the Goblin threat, they were faced with a band of Zentarim looking to claim the town as their own. Agreeing to help the guards, and the missing townsfolk the group dispatches the Zents. Only to be quickly assaulted by a group of Orcs coming from a raid. After fending off the Orc attack, they made their way north to some caverns. Facing Ogres, more Goblins, Black Pudding, and several rats the group manages to save the townsfolk, and agree to head to Triboar with a message. 

The group hitches a ride with a Cloud Giant in a flying Wizard hat looking tower. A group of cultists on Vultures arrives and after a brief altercation and a long encounter with an Invisible Stalker the group continues their journey. A few days pass and a group of Dwarves riding a Dragon appear and attempt to destroy the flying tower. The group convinces them not to, and they arrive safely in Triboar. 

A few hours in Triboar and the group is attacked by a pair of Fire Giants, and several accomplices looking to dig up some very large ring buried in the center of town. With the help from several townsfolk the group defends Triboar and is rewarded with information about more jobs in the area. 

The adventures continue…


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